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Better PT Inc. is a New York-based startup which officially launched their physical therapy based app in March, originally began as a concierge practice. Patients in need of physical therapy could order a therapist to their home, office, or even hotel. This type of concierge service solved many problems physical therapy patients face.

Posted by Sara Zuboff on June 15, 2017

It’s no secret, our healthcare system is in crisis and changing even as I type this. With the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act came the rise of concierge medicine. Concierge medicine, also known as retainer medicine, is an option outside of the traditional healthcare system which refers to medical practices that serve a small number of people for an annual fee (which may or may not require additional charges). Concierge practices offer many benefits over the traditional practice. For example, most concierge practices are able to give their patients same day or next day service, bypassing lengthy wait times. Not only will concierge doctors talk to their patients by phone and email, if the occasion arises when their patients have to go to the emergency room, they are likely to meet them there. In addition, concierge doctors eliminate the hassle of the referral system, often serving as a type of agent for their patients by ordering necessary tests, scheduling appointments with specialists, etc.



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