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“… these aren’t the concierge doctors you’ve heard about — and that’s intentional.”

RAREFIED CARE: Concierge medicine evolves into VIP service for impatient patients

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By Nelson D. Schwartz / The New York Times Posted Jun 13, 2017 at 2:01 AM

When John Battelle’s teenage son broke his leg at a soccer game near San Francisco, naturally the first call his parents made was to 911. The second was to Dr. Jordan Shlain, the concierge doctor who treats Battelle and his family. “They’re taking him to a local hospital,” Battelle’s wife, Michelle, told Shlain as the boy rode in an ambulance to a nearby emergency room in Marin County. “No, they’re not,” Shlain instructed them. “You don’t want that leg set by an ER doc at a local medical center. You want it set by the head of orthopedics at a hospital in the city.”




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