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Chicago’s Health Navigation 360° LLC Provides a Solution to Epidemic of Preventable Healthcare Deaths

Patient experience experts offer 24/7 client guidance and industry expertise

Chicago, Illinois, June 15, 2017 – Health Navigation 360° LLC (HealthNav360°) announces the launch of its direct service and consultation practices. Direct services include private personal support, advocacy and concierge services for clients who are already patients or plan to be admitted to neighboring hospitals in Chicago’s Streeterville area.

According to Jessica Schwarz, founder, CEO and service provider, “Our unique patient-centered approach comes from our own extensive personal experie nces as patients and volunteers. We know the ropes and apply the practical strategies we learned first -hand.” HealthNav360° is much more than merely a convenience — it can actually save lives.

According to studies 1 , a deadly preventable epidemic is silentlys preading through the medical care system, killing over 250,000 U.S. hospital patients annually. Fatal errors are often associated with poor communication, impersonal service and disrespect for needs, especially during transitions and weekends.

“Incredibly, these deadly mistakes rank third in causes of all deaths. We are on the front lines to prevent such tragedies for our clients,” said Schwarz. “We at HealthNav360° are experts in the patient hospital experience, working with our clients and families from the moment of planning admission through the ins and outs of their stay, through discharge and beyond.

HealthNav360° aims to provide immediate in-person assistance to humanize the patient and family experience,” states Schwarz. HealthNav360° offers two fee-for-service packages. If already in the hospital or en route, a patient or family can call for immediate service. Or a person or family anticipating hospital admission can subscribe ahead of time.

Hospitals currently covered include Streeterville’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and can extend beyond this neighborhood in special cases.

According to Ms. Schwarz, “Our B to B consultation practice is uniquely positioned to observe and interpret patient experience, service and safety issues and patient satisfaction in real-time ” (not limited to typically used retrospective written self-reports).
HealthNav360°s consultation practice can work collaboratively with healthcare -related businesses and providers seeking real-time data to understand and improve patient experience. “Our customized inputs can improve efficiency and consumer satisfaction while minimizing errors to give a competitive edge. We also strive to provide a fresh view point to elevate sensitivity to patient needs for caregivers and managers in healthcare delivery systems and practices. Positive patient experience is at the core of our mission,” according to Ms. Schwarz.
Contact: Jessica Schwarz CEO/Founder Health Navigation 360° LLC 312.664.0241 mobile 312.315.0102 401 East Ontario, Suite 2406, Chicago, Illinois 60611
1 O’Donnel, J. (2016, May 3). Second study says medical errors third- leading cause of death in U.S. USA Today. Retrieved from -study -says- medical -errors -third – leading -cause- death –

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