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AL-AGBA, MD | KEVINMD | Is direct primary care doomed to fail?

Niran S. Al-Agba is a pediatrician who blogs at MommyDoc.  This article originally appeared in the Health Care Blog.

The piece focuses on two large DPC-like organizations, Qliance Medical Management of Seattle, Washington and Turntable Health of Las Vegas, NV, working in partnership with Iora Health, which recently closed their doors. Qliance and Turntable were not actually DPC practices by strict definition; they were innovative large business operations providing health care services to patients and excluding third party payers. Their idea was commendable, but their closure indicates little cause for concern in regard to the growing direct primary care movement. Robert Berenson, MD, who admits to not being a fan of the DPC model, said “Qliance has been the poster child for DPC … If that one can’t make it … it suggests the business model (of DPC) is flawed.” He is correct about one thing: The “business” model of medicine is certainly flawed.



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  1. Great article, it makes me feel good about the step I took a few months ago opening a concierge pediatrics house call practice, initially, I started with cash only business but then I decided to give my patients a break since they most likely have insurances so now I am taking insurance on top of the monthly membership, some of these insurances cover only sick visits so I am charging small amount of cash for well child checks and the cost of the vaccines.

    I have a question what is the average charges for cash pay on the house calls pediatrician that has no clinic?


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