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“Gen X is exhausted. If this were 1950 and a Gen X walked into a doctor’s office, he or she would be hospitalized over their stress.”

Forget Millennials And Boomers. Gen X Will Save The Workplace

By Mary Donohue | Huffington Post Canada | Generational Expert, Social Scientist, Teacher

B. WALKER: “Are Millennials Relying too Heavily on “Disruptive” Healthcare Models?”

04/28/2017 2:15 pm EDT In the craziness that is our workplace today, it has been said that every answer to life can actually be found in the TV show The Brady Bunch. Gen Xers are the Jan Bradys of the work world, and right now they are screaming “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” but no one is listening. In the findings that we published in our white paper, The Marcia Moment, we recognized that Gen X is caught between the boomers, who represent the talented and pretty Marcia Brady, and the delightful Cindy Bradys, who are the millennials.

POLL: Which “Generation” is Concierge Medicine or Cash-Only Doctors Most Popular?



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