How doctors will work with bots to reduce the barriers between doctors and patients | G. Kassabgi

By George Kassabgi | MedCity News

JULY 10, 2017 – For patients and caregivers, the ability to chat with clinical professionals through messaging applications is already a breakthrough in convenience, efficiency, and continuity of care. But as with any major technological shift, challenges arise when it comes to the finer details. For instance, how can health care professionals avoid being inundated with minor questions and requests, when the barrier between patient and doctor becomes nearly nonexistent? This post will highlight how some of these challenges are being met with artificial intelligence and chatbots, and share a practical example of how “blending” of human and machine will allow this breakthrough to truly take hold in the healthcare market.  The seed of opportunity to bring messaging into the clinical setting is starting bear fruit: a number of companies in the space have successfully brought products to market. Examples include ConversaHealth (digital checkups via messaging) and Sherpaa (concierge medicine via messaging).



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