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RXVIP CareSync Concierge PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy to Provide Life Saving PGx Genetic Testing in Physician Offices

WESTBURY, N.Y., July 18, 2017 ( – RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ has opened four Virtual Pharmacy locations on Long Island to deliver pharmacogentic (PGx) genetic counseling, screening and testing to reduce Adverse Drug Reactions with Medicare patients and high-risk individuals who are taking multiple medications to manage their chronic disease states.

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RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ PharmDs will educate and screen patients, plus mentor the next generation of PharmD candidates, on how to facilitate a simple buccal swab test at the point of care, right in the physician’s office. As medication experts, the RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ team will then review test results with physicians to help save lives by identifying the right drug at the right dose for the patient.

RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ is dedicated to advocating for provider status for the next generation of PharmDs. Its team will work with students from University of Buffalo, Creighton University, LIU, St. Johns University TOURO and the University of Binghamton, opening this fall, to help enhance their role in the health care system.

Ken Sternfeld, Founder of RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ explains, “Pharmacists must offer ‘Personalized Medicine’ in the form of PGx testing to avoid adverse drug reactions and increase the efficacy of patients’ medications. This valuable service introduces an 8-year-old test that is literally ‘Tomorrow’s Medicine, Today,’ and helps to save lives in the process. Over 125,000 people die each year from Adverse Drug Reactions, the fourth leading cause of death in America, a completely needless tragedy.”

RXVIP Enterprises, LTD, the parent company of RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ has collaborative practice agreements with several physician groups on Long Island that allow RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ PharmDs and student interns to meet with patients and provide meaningful consultations on PGx testing plus cost-saving solutions from Blink Health, iMedicare and NeedyMeds. These face to face encounters increase reimbursement for the practice and help deliver better patient outcomes with no out-of-pocket expense to the practice. RXVIP then compensates their Pharmacists, PharmDs and Interns as providers.

Sternfeld added, “In addition to the obvious benefit for the patient, who now will get the correct drug at the right dose, the personalized information collected in these PGx tests will eliminate all trial and error that is inherent in medication management. With over four billion prescriptions written last year, the cost saving impact in health care would be astronomical and measurable.”

RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ is committed to providing best in class PGx testing.

The first Virtual Pharmacy location was opened in the office of Michael Goodman, MD, where RXVIP introduced “Pharmacy Friday” to patients in his practice. As a board certified physician specializing in internal medicine since 1980, Dr. Goodman has practiced in the Merrick and Bellmore areas of New York for 30 years. He has established relationships with many specialists in the community and at the leading hospitals in Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City.

“I have watched Ken develop RXVIP for the past three years, so raising the bar with this new plateau in PGx testing further shows his commitment to our collaborative practice relationship,” stated Michael Goodman, MD. “Having a Pharmacist on staff here has helped our patients and the practice and we look forward to working with Ken and his team as we grow together,” Goodman concluded.

“With the support we are getting from Dr. Goodman and the other practices we work with, we are grateful that we are able to bring Physicians and Pharmacists back together to offer patient care like it was when my father was a Pharmacist over 60 years ago,” said Sternfeld.

RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ will offer physicians or medical groups who are interested in adding genetic testing to their practice with a turnkey solution that will have zero impact on the client’s workflow. It will provide staffing for the practice who would handle all aspects of the PGx process. RXVIP ​CareSync Concierge™ PGx services include No Cost physician set-up, triage of high-risk patients, documentation for medical necessity, patient scheduling, plus facilitation of buccal testing and reporting with no out of pocket expense to the practice. RXVIP will also help increase overall reimbursement as a result of its billable face to face encounters with patients. RXVIP is also able to provide ongoing Chronic Care Management services to eligible Medicare patients, creating ongoing reimbursement under CMS CCM Code guidelines. 

RXVIP welcomes the opportunity to speak with physicians and health care providers about the company’s value-based service offerings at any time. RXVIP is also always looking for patient-centric Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy to also join its CareSync Concierge™ Team.

About Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacogenetics

Pharmacogenomics testing reviews individual genetic makeup to identify the likelihood of ADRs, thereby reducing occurrences among the patient population; increasing drug efficacy; increasing adherence through patients’ first-hand positive experiences, encouraging treatment continuity; and reducing healthcare costs incurred from ADRs, poor efficacy and lack of patient adherence.

Pharmacogenetics is the study of how a person’s genetic makeup affects the metabolism of medications. Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx) detects normal and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) in the alleles of genes and their associated enzymes. PGx results, therefore, predict a person’s ability to metabolize certain medications. From a patient effectiveness standpoint, it’s the next major breakthrough in medicine.

Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx) results provide physicians with concise, medically actionable information about a patient’s genotype, thus allowing them to make effective treatment decisions. Because a patient’s genotype remains constant, PGx results can be used to inform medical treatment throughout their lifetime. Utilization of PGx tests by physicians and healthcare providers will drive the reduction of patient ADRs, while concurrently increasing drug efficacy and patient adherence. As such, adoption of proactive pharmacogenomics testing will lower healthcare costs and improve patient quality of life.

About RXVIP CareSync Concierge™

RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ is a network of Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy who are dedicated to providing enhanced patient-centric care by collaborating with physicians to deliver value-based services right in their offices. With strategic marketing relationships with health care providers, RXVIP CareSync Concierge™ offers Concierge Pharmacists a means to provide a professional pathway as an alternative to traditional retail pharmacy environments, so that they can enhance their role as health care providers and earn more money. To learn more about this paradigm shift in the practice of pharmacy, visit

Contact Information:

Ken Sternfeld, RPh
RXVIP Enterprises, LTD
Founder, Director New Business Development
1299 Corporate Drive Suite #1504, Westbury, New York 11590
1-844-MYRXVIP  (1-844-697-9847)

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