EDITOR | True Story | Radical Hospitality in Healthcare: The Face Behind D.O.B. 10.17.13


True Story by Michael Tetreault, Father/EditorBy Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief | Concierge Medicine Today | The DPC Journal | CMT Canada | AJRM


“There is a beautiful face and an amazing personality behind this date of birth (D.O.B.) … but the doctor’s and nurses who treated us last month never ‘cared enough’ to see it during our last visit to the exam room.” — For less than $1.27 PLUS, some common sense and a little kindness, the mythical idea of Radical Hospitality in Healthcare could be implemented.

If your practice, the ideas and new ways of health care delivery you’ve designed inside and around your practice are going to stick, they need to address your patient’s pain points–whether they can articulate them or not inside the exam room.

Some of these things are quite simple and effective.

Thankfully, some very smart Concierge Physicians and other healthcare futurists and Direct Care delivery models are thinking about this, as we are writing this to you today.

Sadly, this true story is my personal record of how healthcare providers and facilities can and should do better and explore what we title Radical Hospitality in Healthcare at Concierge Medicine Today and our other sister publications.

READ on to View FULL STORY … (WITH Pictures for support) …

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