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Top Geneticist Working on How to Cheat Death


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Published May 08, 2017

The man who successfully mapped the human genome is hoping to figure out how to cheat death with a new test. “Your chances of getting every disease goes up with age, even Alzheimer’s can be prevented,” Craig Venter, executive chairman of Human Longevity, said during an exclusive interview on the FOX Business Network’s Morning’s with Maria.  But it won’t come cheap. The extensive exam costs $25,000 and includes MRIs, ultrasounds, blood tests and cognitive exams that can detect diseases up to 20 years before you have symptoms, Venter said.  “The new techniques with the MRI – it’s extremely high resolution…Tumors light up, we don’t use any contrast media, your blood vessels light up. If you have a brain aneurysm, it shows up immediately,” he said.

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