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Concierge Medicine Expands in Southern Connecticut Specialdocs Consultants | Press Release

CHICAGO, July 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The appeal of concierge medicine continues to gain momentum in Connecticut, as patients and physicians recognize the many benefits of a smaller patient panel. Specialdocs Consultants, a pioneer in concierge medicine transitions and management, most recently worked with physicians in Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien to help them launch and build successful concierge medical practices.

According to Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer, concierge, or membership, medicine represents an attractive option for primary care physicians to sustain and enhance their medical practices. For patients, becoming a member of a concierge practice offers a road to higher quality care, with more time, 24/7 availability to their physician and a significant focus on wellness. For the healthcare system, the emphasis on preventive care delivers savings in the form of reduced ED visits and inpatient days.

Bauer says: “In an era of great uncertainty for the healthcare sector, concierge medicine is proving to be the only model that fully satisfies the goals of all its constituencies with better outcomes, lower costs and a vastly improved experience for patient and physician.”

Larry Leibowitz, MD, a family medicine physician who established Matrix Personalized Medicine in New Canaan after 18 years in a traditional setting, explains: “Each patient and every visit is unique and requires time, attention and a level of care no longer supported by our healthcare system. Concierge medicine provides the solution we all seek.”

For Amanda Collins-Baine, MD, opening the doors to her Darien Signature Health practice enables her to continue offering the compassionate care that has distinguished her two decades in medicine. “This model restores my ability to help patients navigate today’s complex healthcare environment and guide them through every stage of an illness. It’s exactly the kind of care patients need, and deserve.”

An early adopter of concierge medicine since its inception in 1999, Bauer asserts: “I believed then, and even more so today, that this model may be the only way to restore primary care, and empower physicians to practice medicine the way they intended.”

Equally compelling is the opportunity to achieve a genuine work-life balance, a rarity in a profession now associated with burnout and high rates of professional dissatisfaction. Greenwich physician Jeffrey S. Puglisi, MD, says founding Glenville Medical Concierge Care with his partners, Steven P. Mickley, MD  and Judith F. Shea, MD, in 2015, “literally saved my life. Before, it was all about long, frustrating days with no time to exercise, eat right, enjoy my family or see patients in the hospital or at home. Now I truly love the practice of medicine again.” His only regret: “not having done this sooner.”

Specialdocs Consultants, LLC has been transitioning traditional medical practices nationwide to independent concierge models since 2002, keeping the physician’s autonomy and identity at the forefront.  The company provides support for a concierge medicine practice through a successful transition and well beyond.

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