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CRAIN’S CHICAGO Business | “Back when I made the choice, some people looked at me squinty-eyed—’Why are you doing this?’ ” he says.


The doctor will see you now—for $25,000

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Imagine your next doctor’s visit taking place in a sleek River North space where you also have the option for a high-intensity group workout and a cold-brew coffee. Welcome to Shift, a concierge practice in River North run by Dr. Ari Levy, an internist and former Blackhawks team doctor who has an MBA from the University of Chicago. As concierge medicine—paying out-of-pocket in exchange for better access to a primary care doc—becomes increasingly commonplace among executives, Levy and others are capitalizing on the trend. Since launching Shift in March, he has built up the practice to about 200 early “patient-members,” as he calls them, who can pay from about $3,000 for an annual primary care membership to $6,300 for doctor access plus gym membership and check-ins with fitness and nutrition coaches. At Shift, doctor access isn’t just your annual physical—it also means that Levy or his partner, Dr. Bruce Doblin, accompanies you to specialist appointments and has regular five-minute check-ins or text conversations. Levy says he’ll cap the number of patients at about 1,500 to preserve one-on-one attention.



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