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BUSINESS | Tech | RX | Amazon reportedly exploring pharmacy options ~CNBC

May 17, 2017 | By CNBC

Amazon had originally backed in that company’s bid to become an online retail pharmacy, the report said. At a time when brick-and-mortar drug store retailers were first wrestling with online offerings, and Rite Aid entered a partnership enabling patients to pick up their prescriptions at a Rite Aid. ~DSN; May 17, 2017


CMT Issues OFFICIAL POSITION STATEMENT, 2017: Use and Application of Pharmacogenomics Inside Concierge Medicine

Amazon is hiring people to break into the multibillion-dollar pharmacy market

  • Each year, Amazon holds an annual meeting to discuss whether it should break into the pharmacy market, said a source familiar.
  • This year, it is getting more serious and Amazon is looking to hire a general manager.
  • Industry experts say this could be a multibillion market opportunity for the e-commerce company.


NEWS: Concierge Medicine Today Expands Pharmacogenomic Application with Collaboration from Molecular Diagnostics company, Admera Health.

Two people said that it’s not a done deal that Amazon will move into this space, given the complex web of established players. But it is bringing on a new general manager to lead the team and formulate a strategy, and is deep in discussions with industry experts. That hire would sit under the consumables business, the source said. Another person said Amazon has started to recruit more broadly from the pharmacy space. The company recently started selling medical supplies and equipment in the U.S., and is hiring for its “professional health care program” to ensure that the company is meeting regulatory requirements. It also hired Mark Lyons two months ago from Premera Blue Cross. A source said that Lyons is tasked with building an internal pharmacy benefits manager for Amazon employees, which might be later scaled out. Amazon declined to comment.



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