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Concierge Choice Physicians Announces 10 Most Recent Practices

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ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y., July 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Concierge Choice Physician (CCP) announced today the addition of 10 new practices, highlighting that in today’s uncertain healthcare marketplace, both physicians and patients want practice models that assure and protect provider choice and relationships.

The expansion includes practices in states not traditionally associated with concierge medicine, as well as in smaller markets, showing that a wide range of patients want to maintain relationships with their trusted and chosen physicians. States adding CCP’s unique choice-based concierge programs include Alabama, Missouri, and Texas, as well as growth in existing markets of California, New York, and Virginia.

“There continues to be a misperception that concierge medicine is only for wealthy patients in large cities,” said Wayne Lipton, founder and managing partner of CCP.  “That’s not the case.  Concierge medicine resonates in a wide range of communities and across varying income levels, from CEOs to teachers to retirees.  We see growth in smaller communities, among physicians and patients who want to choose the level of convenience and service that is best for themselves and their families.”

Unlike so-called direct pay or cash-only models, CCP’s concierge programs allow patients to continue to get the benefits and protection of insurance coverages from employers or Medicare.  The monthly fee is for non-covered, but highly valued healthcare services such as same-day appointments, less waiting time, in-depth and personalized physicals and direct contact information to the physician for after-hours service and medical support.

Surveys of CCP patients show reasons they choose concierge programs include: a desire to maintain relationship with trust physician; less hurried visits (as the average physician visit is now under 15 minutes); greater emphasis on preventive health with lifestyle coaching and support; and assistance with care coordination and medical advocacy, a service especially valued by patients with chronic conditions.

CCP is the only concierge management company that lets physicians choose the type of concierge program that is best for their practice and their patients.  As the company that pioneered the Hybrid Choice™ concierge program, CCP specializes in helping physicians offer a blended model of concierge medicine within their practice to the small percentage of patients who want that option (typically under 10 percent), while they continue to see all other patients as before.  The company also offers FullFlex™, which lets physicians transition to a 100 percent concierge program as they see fit (e.g., timing, the number of patients).

CCP also offers one of the few concierge models that works well with, and complements, larger medical group and health system physician staffing strategies.  The hybrid model in particular was created to work with medical groups that have long-standing relationships with insurers and referral networks.   Several large health systems have physicians offering hybrid concierge programs.

Lipton also notes that frustration with paperwork and administrative duties that take time away from patient care are other reasons physicians are moving to concierge.  The average physician now spends almost two-thirds of their day on paperwork.

“Most of the doctors I know chose the profession because we like people, and we want to help them get better,” said Megan Ellman-Malzone, MD, who opened a hybrid concierge program earlier this year in Pismo Beach, Calif.  Too much of healthcare today emphasizes technology and processes and forgets about the human connection. I think the best healthcare comes from physicians who know their patients and who have time to spend on actual patient care.  Options like CCP’s hybrid concierge programs are one of the best ways I know to achieve that goal.”

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About Concierge Choice Physicians

Dedicated to providing real options for patients and physicians, Concierge Choice Physicians™ is the largest private provider of the full range of concierge programs available today—Hybrid and FullFLEX™. CCP is also the industry’s second largest concierge medicine company overall. The company provides innovative, flexible and affordable models proven to work in medical practices of any size—from solo physicians to large medical practice corporations—both independent and affiliated with hospitals or health systems. Headquartered in Rockville Centre, NY, the company works with medical practices in 23 states. For more information, visit, or call 877-888-5590.

SOURCE Concierge Choice Physicians

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