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B. Walker | What Apple Can Teach Healthcare Providers About Winning in the Marketplace

Posted by Brent Walker on Wed, Aug 02, 2017

In brand popularity contests, Apple often leads the pack. Just this year, Apple landed on the top of Fortune’s “Most Admired Companies” list and in the top five of the Harris Poll’s Reputation Quotient. As healthcare consumerism continues to gain momentum, hospitals need to earn similar accolades to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

“A lot of times, people don’t know what
they want until you show it to them.”

But the win that hospital’s might want to emulate most is Apple’s ranking as the world’s most intimate brand. Why? The study, conducted by Praxis Research Partners, focuses on the emotional bond brands create with customers—bonds that drive engagement, customer satisfaction and trust. And Apple excels at making that connection with its innovative products, attention to experience and use of consumer data.

Three Lessons for Healthcare

Can you imagine patients camping out for days in order to be the first to tour a new hospital wing or try out a new healthcare app? Let’s face it: Hospitals rarely generate the kind of buzz that gets people hyped up for the launch of a new service or product. Apple, on the other hand, has developed such a loyal fan base that the release of each generation of iPhone or Apple watch attracts a throng of customers anxious to get “it” first.

How does Apple do it? While hospitals and personal tech may seem like apples and oranges, here are three lessons healthcare can learn from Apple.

1. Keep it simple

Consumers want easy-to-use products, and Apple delivers. Smartphone novices and aficionados alike appreciate the elegant, intuitive interface. The simplicity extends to Apple’s product line-up which avoids the clutter of different models and features. Instead, Apple has the iPhone—period. Options are limited to color, size and memory capacity. Not only does this uncomplicate consumers’ decision-making process, but it also allows the company to focus on building the best possible version of the iPhone.




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