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EVENT: Oct 2017 Concierge Medicine FORUM in Atlanta to Showcase “Precision Medicine” Use, Utility and Innovation

Physicians Convene in Atlanta to Learn About Precision Medicine, Genomics, Concierge Medicine, DPC and Other Innovative Healthcare Delivery Happenings, October 27-28, 2017

Stay-Tuned to CMT AFTER THE CONFERENCE … as LIVE Podcast Recordings with Key Thought Leaders and Physicians Will Be Coming in the Weeks/Months Ahead!!!

Dan Hecht As Bonus Speaker to CMT FORUM in ATL — Saturday, OCT 28, 2017

dan hechtLATEST UPDATE! Dan Hecht has had a dynamic and successful career as a leader and executive at Procter & Gamble and is the former CEO of MDVIP, the country’s largest concierge medicine provider. Dan has worked with countless companies and individuals over the past 25 years and gathered those experiences to create relevant lessons from the crossroads of leadership and mindfulness, of which Dan now shares through coaching, speaking and writing with CEOhm.

TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: Pharmacogenomics; Evidence Based Medicine Utility; Direct Primary Care; Staff Strategies; Retirement/Succession Planning; Genetic/DNA Testing & Reporting; Physician Referrals Using Patient Outcome Data and MORE >> ATLANTA, GA | OCT. 27-28, 2017 | Click Here to Learn More and Register Today >>

ATLANTA, GAConcierge Medicine Today, in partnership with The Direct Primary Care Journal (The DPC Journal), are hosting a 2-day innovative healthcare delivery and precision medicine Forum in Atlanta, GA on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28, 2017 entitled CMT’s 2017 Concierge Medicine Forum. In addition to serving as a “think tank” for  the broader industry in uncovering emerging trends that could improve the lives of today’s physicians and their patients, the two-day Forum will also address current trends that are having an impact on the quality of health care today.

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Bringing together leaders from such major healthcare, technology and Precision Medicine brands including, Doctor Evidence, Evidenza Precision Medicine, OneOme®, Boston Heart Diagnostics Corporation, and Epigenomics, among other innovative brands in healthcare, for a discussion about emerging trends that are helping reshape the healthcare in the personalized medicine industry.

JOIN A WIDE ARRAY of INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE DELIVERY VOICES, Including: Dr. Jeannette McCarthy, Julie Robinson, COO of Cypress Concierge Medicine, Dr. Ryan Gregg of OneOme, Jim Eischen, Esq., Terry Bauer of Specialdocs, Dr. Robert Nelson of the Georgia Free Market Medical Association, Dr. Thomas LaGrelius of the ACPP, Dr. Dean McElwain of Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, MDVIP’s Associate General Counsel, Matthew Zimmerman will discuss political advocacy and government relations, Dr. Brandon Colby, Dr. Ellie Campbell of Campbell Family Medicine, Natalie Ptierno of Revolution Practice, Emily Durham, MS will speak about Compound Pharmacy and Community Phamarcies, Michael Tetreault will discuss rising trends, entrepreneurial innovation in patient care and so many MORE … WELCOME: PHYSICIANS, STAFF, EXECUTIVES and OTHERS IN ATLANTA at the 2017 Concierge Medicine FORUM – Register Here to Reserve Your Seat … VISIT:

The Education Doesn’t Stop After The Event Is Over …

Stay-Tuned to CMT + Our DocPreneur Podcast — AFTER THE CONFERENCE … as LIVE Podcast Recordings with Key Thought Leaders and Physicians Will Be Coming in the Weeks/Months Ahead!!! (Visit Our DocPreneur Podcast!)

OCT 2017, Faculty Member | Dr. Todd Feinman, Advisory Board Member at Evidenza Precision Medicine and the Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Doctor Evidence

“Personalized application of evidence-based decisions should be the norm, and companies should provide the technology to access the most up-to-date, patient-specific evidence for a given therapeutic area or intervention, so that physicians and patients can decide together the most effective course of treatment,” says Dr. Todd Feinman, Advisory Board Member at Evidenza Precision Medicine and the Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Doctor Evidence. “Concierge Doctors, known to be innovative and patient-centered care, are in a unique position to take advantage of the growing number of personalized data resources matched to patient profiles and preferences to improve patient care.”

(NEW, LISTEN) CEO of Red Hot Healthcare PODCAST Talks DPC on Episode 17: “Doctoring From The Good ‘Ol Days” ~Dr. S. Qamar, M. Tetreault, Editor

During the two-day forum at the Forsyth Conference Center, a few miles north of Atlanta, GA, attendees will explore and discuss where the industry is headed and how today’s innovations are shaping future healthcare solutions. Specific focus areas include: Functional Medicine; Personal Genomics and Anti-aging/Age Management Medicine; How Concierge Doctors Use Actual Medical Outcomes Data to Refer Their Patients to Qualified Surgeons and Hospitals across the U.S.; the practical application of Evidence Based Medicine; Concierge Medicine growth and startup strategies; Pharmacogenomics; Concierge Medicine Physician Retirement and Succession Planning; Marketing and Patient Retention; Entrepreneurial Growth Concepts in Healthcare used by Physicians; Precision Medicine’s utility inside primary care and family medicine; Genetic Predisposition Testing; Direct Primary Care; Reversing Insurance Denials using data; the political and legal future of the industry and how physicians can empower their local communities and patients to make more informed decisions.

Exclusive At The Conference | LIVE, One-on-One Genetic Counseling Available At Conference

For those physicians who would like to try the test out on themselves and plan to attend CMT’s 2017 Concierge Medicine Forum, there will be a time set aside for you to have a special session with Dr. Brandon Colby, to walk through the report and its implications with you.

The Nexus® 2 genetic test is offered as a special CMT/Evidenza introductory offering at $399 per test. This includes the saliva collection kit, comprehensive reports and lifetime HIPAA-compliant storage of the data.

For those Physicians who would like to try the test out on themselves and plan to attend CMT’s 2017 Concierge Medicine Forum, there will be a time set aside for you to have a special session with Dr. Brandon Colby, to walk through the report and its implications with you.

ATLANTA, GA | OCT. 27-28, 2017 | Click Here to Learn More and Register Today >> CLICK HERE >>

“At Concierge Medicine Today, we are committed to identifying and exploring innovative new solutions to enhance the healthcare experience for physicians and their patients,” Concierge Medicine Today’s editor Michael Tetreault said. “Hospital systems, C-Suite level at insurance companies, clinical research and technology firms and others are interested in what is happening in the field of Concierge Medicine. They know Concierge doctors are early adopters of strategies and solutions. This year’s Forum is about showcasing new ideas brought together in one place by some of the brightest minds and industry-leading precision medicine brands, health and technology futurists, and innovative Concierge Medicine physicians that will share with attendees what the future of healthcare looks like. How we can all play a role in helping people on their path to better health is what this Forum is all about.”

EP. 23 | Learn More About “Franchising” Concierge Medicine

The two-day Forum in Atlanta, GA is also aimed at establishing a collaborative platform for physicians and industry representatives from various service areas to brainstorm new ways to impact the future of how patients manage their health and access convenient, affordable and relational physicians across international borders and the United States.

“We want to equip, inform and move physicians down a path to where they want to go in their specific career,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today and The Direct Primary Care Journal. We want them to apply what they hear and learn so that when they return home they can do these things and effect change in their communities first thing Monday morning. Not only does this application make all the difference now, it will prepare physicians for the future.”

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Early Bird Registration Sale Avail. >>

Speakers at the 2017 Concierge Medicine Forum in Atlanta include: Evidenza Precision Medicine Advisory Board Member and Founder, Brandon Colby, MD, a world leader in the field of Predictive Medicine, a groundbreaking medical specialty that combines comprehensive genetic testing with personalized prevention based upon your genes; Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs Consulting; Dr. Todd Feinman also an Advisory Board Member with Evidenza Precision Medicine and Direct Primary Care and is the Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Doctor Evidence; Dean McElwain, COO of Castle Connolly Private Health Partners; Dr. Thomas LaGrelius of Torrance, Calif., and President of the ACPP (American College of Private Physicians); James J. Eischen, Jr., Esq., of McGlinchey Stafford LLP, a seasoned health care attorney within the firm’s Health Care and Business Transactions practice groups; Jeanette McCarthy, PhD., Associate Professor at Duke University and The University of California San Francisco; Dr. Rob Lamberts, a Direct Primary Care (DPC) physician who founded his own practice, will discuss keeping care affordable, avoiding unnecessary care and aggressively maximizing the health of subscribed patients; Dr. Robert Nelson, a DPC Physician will discuss the Free Market Medical Association; Ryan Gregg, Ph.D., Medical Science Liaison at OneOme® will discuss the utility and benefits of pharmacogenomic testing; Concierge Medicine Today and The Direct Primary Care Journal’s Editor and Publisher, Michael Tetreault and Catherine Sykes; as well as speakers from across the Concierge Medicine and the Precision Medicine landscape.

Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer, who has studied the evolution of concierge medicine since its inception in 1999, says: “This model holds the key to better care, lower costs, improved outcomes and more engaged physicians, and may be the only way to restore primary care to the way it was intended to be practiced.”

McElwain explains that the No. 1 reason he sees doctors converting their practices to purely private or partially concierge is because of the stress brought on by seeing too many patients.

“Concierge medicine affords physicians the ability to return to a much more old-fashioned style of practice where you actually had generous time to communicate with your patients and to work one-on-one with them to solve their problem and get to know them as individuals and not just a diagnosis,” says McElwain.

Ep. 53 | “Meet Chrissy Larsen, Digital Health & Wellness Tech Visionary and Founder/CEO at Why The Health Not?”

“I believe that is the way medical care is supposed to be.  This kind of unfettered direct engagement between doctor and Patient can never be achieved in a system of third-party networks where the doctor is a “provider” of services paid by someone else and the Patient is relegated to a passive ‘network subscriber’.” ~Direct-Pay Physician, Dr. Robert Nelson of Cumming, GA. “Primary Care needs to become relevant again by servicing patients directly and being available and offering the kinds of broad services that family doctors used to offer. Only returning to broad-based primary care that is affordable (DPC and similar), getting back in the hospitals and being available to keep our patients out of the ER and urgent care will solve this supply-demand imbalance. This kind of approach will also drive more medical students back into primary care and restore the balance back to the ratios before managed care.”

OCTOBER 27-28, 2017 | Attend Six (6) General Sessions, 6 to 8 Learning Labs with Two Edu. Tracks (Physician Business + Precision Medicine/EBM) and so much more | Join Us In Atlanta on OCTOBER 27-28, 2017 — Super Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now >> CLICK HERE To Register Now >>

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