Is the DPC movement at risk of failing? | Med Eco.

The #1 Reason Patients Say They Quit Their Doctor Is Not Because of the Doctor … It’s the Staff!

According to a 2016-2017 Physician Poll by The Direct Primary Care Journal, 32% of former DPC Physicians said they closed their DPC Clinic because of “lack of interested patients …” — followed closely by “Rural Demographic(s) Couldn’t Support It …” and  “lack of business acumen …”

“Direct practices should be successful in most cities and states where there is an inadequate supply of primary care physicians,” says Dr. Chris Ewin, Founder and physician at 121MD in Fort Worth, TX. “Most important, a physician needs to have social skills to sell him/herself and there new practice model to their patients and their community. Docs undercharge … we were in school for 10-12 years. To be successful it’s all about personal relationships. This isn’t that hard … but many Docs just don’t know how to sell themselves.”


SCALABILITY in DPC, PART 8: 14 Traits Of Unsuccessful Membership Medicine Clinic Owners

By Rose Schneider Krivich, Medical Economics

Here’s why the DPC movement has gone flat | MedEco

“I’m proud that Qliance was noisy enough,” Bliss continues. “We got a lot of recognition and it helped shine a spotlight on this model nationwide. Lots more doctors know about it now.” ~Medical Economics, May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017 – Between the seemingly never-ending battle with insurance companies and attempting to survive among government mandates, it is no wonder primary care physicians have been gravitating towards direct primary care (DPC). However, while the idea of direct payments between patients and physicians seems like a blessing among the healthcare chaos, the recent closures of two leading DPC businesses have put a question mark on the movement’s future.  Seen as the pioneer of DPC, Qliance Medical Management of Seattle, Washington, closed its doors in mid-May and plans to officially shut down June 15 after a decade of providing care through monthly membership.


PRESS RELEASE, 2017: DPC Journal Highlights Private, Direct Care and Cash Only Medicine Trends With List of Do’s and Don’ts.



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