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These precision medicine technology tools will enable leading physicians and their patients to better engagement and accelerate lifestyle and wellness achievements.

PRNEWSWIRE | Atlanta, GA | AUGUST 22, 2017 – Evidenza Precision Medicine (Evidenza) a provider of integrated, personalized evidence-based medicine engagement, quality score data and comprehensive genetic data testing services, announced today that it will provide five precision medicine solutions to physicians looking to engage in the incorporation of evidence data and limited and advanced genetic testing in their practices. The company’s proprietary Evidence-Based Medicine & Genomic solutions include: limited genomic testing as well as comprehensive whole genome sequencing; physician-to-physician genetic coaching; subscription service to genomic research updates; access to a comprehensive database of Evidence-based Medical Outcomes Data and Reports; evidence-based medicine reports service providing physicians with clinical evidence documenting the superior outcomes and efficacy of recommended treatments or drugs that have been denied by insurance carriers; updated data on quality scores of local hospitals and surgeons for specific procedures and a DNA-based profile of drug efficacy and probability of adverse reactions to physicians on behalf of their patients. These precision medicine technology tools will enable leading physicians and their patients to better engagement and accelerate lifestyle and wellness achievements.

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“Genetic technology has reached the point where the cost of conducting comprehensive genetic testing [ie. Whole Genome Sequencing] for hundreds of preventable diseases at a single time is now affordable,” said Catherine Sykes, CEO and Founder of Evidenza. “After years of thoughtful consideration, careful research and review, countless hours of dialogue with various physicians and technology companies, we now work with Physicians to make personal genomic data information available to patients so that they can start to understand their makeup, learn more about their individual genome and predictors and begin to use these insights to improve their lives.”

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Key partnerships at Evidenza include relationships with DoctorEvidence, MPIRICA, Concierge Medicine Today, and Genomics Personalized Health. The company has also recruited to its Advisory Board genetic industry heavyweight, Dr. Brandon Colby, a world leader in the field of Predictive Medicine and Founder of and Dr. Todd Feinman, Co-Founder of Doctor Evidence, a comprehensive medical evidence collection company.

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“The genetic revolution has already begun, and it is having far-reaching effects on healthcare right now,” said Brandon Colby, MD, Evidenza Advisory Board Member and author of Outsmart Your Genes. “Our knowledge of how to use this information is increasing at an exponential rate. What this means is that we can now start to integrate genetics into our everyday lives. With comprehensive genetic testing, we launch an innovative strategy against disease, attacking it before it even manifests. Genetic testing, therefore, provides a new counter-offensive in our war against Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases that have plagued our civilization for centuries. This is the most exciting, and potentially groundbreaking, medical development of this century.”

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Evidenza’s management and solution team is well experienced in creating unique healthcare businesses to complement existing and emerging healthcare services. They have assisted various healthcare organizations to develop and professionally promote healthcare services to meet the demands of the future. Areas of development include: new product development; complementary and alternative medicine; managed care products; network development; health plan contracting; benefit design; the creation of affinity programs; and other innovations in healthcare services and delivery. This team has been responsible for development and implementation of numerous other types of healthcare delivery services and products in the area of: medical/hospital; workers’ compensation; dental; mental health; eldercare; and quality improvement products and services.

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“Personalized application of evidence-based decisions should be the norm, and Evidenza provides the technology to access the most up-to-date, patient-specific evidence for a given therapeutic area or intervention, so that physicians and patients can decide together the most effective course of treatment,” says Evidenza Advisory Board member and Co-Founder of Doctor Evidence, Dr. Todd Feinman. “Concierge doctors for example, known to be innovative and patient-centered care focused, are in a unique position to take advantage of the growing number of personalized data resources matched to patient profiles and preferences, including the Evidenza/DRE technologies, to improve patient care.”

“Precision Medicine goes places with physicians others won’t travel and sends back maps for others in medicine to follow,” says Catherine Sykes, Evidenza CEO. “Evidenza is a direct result of the problematic landscape of traditional medicine engagement and outdated practice processes of today. The marked increase in the adoption of genetic testing, hospital and facility scoring, pharmacogenomics and the demand for evidence in research-based medical practices today demonstrates that leading physicians looking to their patients data is going to revolutionize how treatment is rendered and decisions are made. Physicians have traditionally focused on fixing what’s wrong with patients so they can ‘get better.’ Today and moving forward, Evidenza is helping patients, physicians and our communities ‘stay well’ by focusing on the ‘application’ of real-world data impacted by patient outcomes and prevention.”

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About Evidenza

Evidenza Precision Medicine™, is a precision medicine solutions company that provides physicians with cutting edge integrated, personalized and evidence-based medicine array of services. Evidenza is a forward-thinking company bringing together these cutting edge technologies and services to the Concierge Medicine community and their patients. An overview of the services offered by Evidenza include: Evidence-based Medical Outcomes Data and Reports; Hospital and Surgeon Quality Scores Information; Pharmacogenomics Testing; Whole Genome Sequencing and Analysis; Limited Genetic Sequencing and Analysis and DocCoverage, an evidence-based service providing physicians with evidence documenting the superior outcomes and efficacy of recommended treatments or drugs that have been denied by insurance carriers. Evidenza offers strategic direction, engagement and relationship management vehicles deployed by professionals that understand and believe in the value and brand that ‘precision medicine’ provides.

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