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Concierge Medicine: Just the Ticket for Many Patients and Doctors | Joel Cooper, DO

Dr. Andrea Klemes is the Chief Medical Officer of MDVIP. She also serves as the executive and organizational leader of MDVIP’s Medical Advisory Board that supports quality and innovation in the delivery of the healthcare model drawing expertise from the affiliated physicians. Dr. Klemes oversees MDVIP’s impressive outcomes data and research including hospital utilization and readmission statistics, quality of disease management in the MDVIP network and the ability to identify high-risk patients and intervene early.

By Joel Cooper, DO | Endocrinology Advisor

Concierge medicine fills an important and growing niche in today’s medical marketplace, appealing to thousands of physicians around the country and the scores of patients they serve. Concierge medicine is defined as “a subscription-based form of healthcare delivery in which a physician provides medical care to patients, for various services not covered by their health insurance, which generally involves: providing 24/7 access; a cell phone number to connect directly with their physician; same-day appointments; visits that last as long as it takes to address their needs; and varying other amenities. In exchange for this enhanced access and personal attention, the concierge physician receives a subscription fee.”1 There is a growing recognition among healthcare consumers that getting in to see their primary care physician (PCP) in a timely fashion is getting harder and harder these days, and the time that PCPs can offer each patient seems to be ever-dwindling. Enter concierge medicine, in which the patient pays an additional fee for quick, if not immediate, access to care and receives a substantially longer, and more thorough, visit with his or her physician in the bargain.




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