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Nation’s Pioneering Concierge Family Medicine Practice Expands, with help from Specialdocs

CHICAGO, Aug. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — In the decade since Northern Virginia Family Practice Associates (NVFPA) launched one of the nation’s first concierge family medicine practices, the model’s appeal has continued to expand. Now, NVFPA  is working with Specialdocs Consultants, itself a pioneer in concierge medicine transitions and management, to welcome a new physician, Richard Nemeth, MD, to the practice team.

“I am thrilled to join this group of dedicated family practice providers who blazed the trail for personalized care and concierge medicine not just in Virginia, but nationwide,” says Dr. Nemeth. “They realized early on the benefits of a smaller patient panel size, with more time to not only delve into complex medical issues, but focus on proactive wellness.” Having offered concierge care to his patients since 2010, Dr. Nemeth says “it is clear to me that this practice design delivers on every promise, restoring the vital physician-patient relationship, enhancing health and bringing a level of mutual satisfaction not possible in traditional practices.”

NVFPA founder Pat Tokarz, MD, reflects on why he chose the concierge medicine route in 2006: “The small independent practice was already becoming endangered as physicians were increasingly forced into large mega groups…a trend that’s accelerating today. However, the most effective and lowest cost care comes from small groups of primary care physicians. I believe that concierge medicine has always offered the best approach to saving primary care.”

For NVFPA’s Natasha Beauvais, MD, concierge medicine has allowed her to stay true to her original mission as a family physician. “We all go into medicine because we care about people, want to help them and hear their stories, but in a traditional practice, this is almost impossible to achieve.”

According to Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer, more time – for patients, professional development, family life and to build a sustainable practice  – is the primary reason physicians change to concierge medicine. “Providing care to a traditional patient panel, with 10-minute office visits and the requisite administrative tasks, can require more than 15 hours a day…clearly not a model that works. The smaller panels enabled in a concierge medicine practice restores the balance physicians seek and the personalized care patients desire.”

Since transitioning in 2013, Dr. Beauvais says she is able to create the kind of experience vital to assuring excellence in patient care. “I now have time to answer questions, create wellness plans, communicate with specialists and family members, and keep patients out of the ED as frequently as possible.  It’s how every doctor wants to practice, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to care for my patients this way.”

Northern Virginia Family Practice is located at 4401 Ford Avenue, Suite 250, in Alexandria, VA. Phone 703-379-8879,

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