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NEWSDAY: Business, Concierge doctors’ popularity grows on Long Island, in nation

Concierge doctors’ popularity grows on Long Island, in nation

Newsday article discussed the growing phenomenon of concierge medicine on Long Island, New York, and highlighted the example of MDVIP Inc, a network of over 800 concierge physicians (18 of whom are located on Long Island). The article cited AJMC® research that observed lower rates of hospitalization among patients at MDVIP practices compared with traditional practices. The 2012 study, “Personalized Preventive Care Leads to Significant Reductions in Hospital Utilization,” also found that this reduced utilization was linked to cost savings of $2551 per patient.

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Growing numbers of doctors on Long Island, frustrated with seeing 30 patients or more in appointments each day, are adopting a business model that drastically reduces their daily caseload.

Long Island physicians using this model — generally known as concierge medicine — charge patients an annual membership fee to come to their practice. The annual membership fee is typically between $1,100…



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