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TEXAS | J. Goodman | Why you can’t visit your doctor virtually and why that might finally be changing

Technology is on its way, whether organized medicine likes it or not. Patients in 14 states can now download an app made by a Silicon Valley firm called Lemonaid Health. Customers fill out a questionnaire on eight simple health concerns, including sinusitis, birth control and acid reflex. These are reviewed by a doctor who can write a prescription — all for a fee of $15.

John C. Goodman, Contributor

JUNE 20, 2017 – Sometime in the last century, most professionals discovered that face-to-face meetings with clients weren’t always necessary — or even desirable. Lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects and scores of other professional service providers discovered the phone. Then they discovered email. Then video conferencing. But not doctors. Most doctors today communicate with their patients the same way the Greek physician Galen did 2,000 years ago: one on one, in person. Why is that? One reason is unwise legislation. Another is resistance to change by the American Medical Association and state medical societies. A third reason is Medicare, whose payment practices tend to be copied by most employers and private insurers. But the biggest problem is that rank-and-file doctors have been unwilling to step into the modern age.



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