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RETAIL HEALTH | AMA — ” I’m afraid that the AMA comes across as antagonistic and territorial towards retail clinics …” Op/Ed

AMA Got it Wrong: Inconvenience, Not Retail, is the Enemy

This week, the AMA is holding its annual meeting, announcing its positions and policy on the health issues of the day. For instance, in the past week, it has spoken out against the Medicaid cuts proposed in the American Health Care Act, voted to require pharmaceutical companies to include drug prices in ads, formally opposed discrimination against transgender people, and enacted a resolution that it would be proactive in creating a more diverse physician workforce.



One thought on “RETAIL HEALTH | AMA — ” I’m afraid that the AMA comes across as antagonistic and territorial towards retail clinics …” Op/Ed

  1. Notice to AMA: No one cares about your positions… other than the politicians you help get elected and the bureaucrats that you cater to. The percentage of practicing physicians that are NOT members of AMA should tell you as much. It is easy to see through this false front. So stop pretending you are the designated patient and physician advocate, because no one has appointed you such and no one believes it.

    May I suggest that you regularly publish your meeting schedule & agenda before you meet with special interests and friendly politicians, followed by the minutes of these meetings. This will allow you to skip the position statements because it will become clear what you are really up to: keeping the money flowing from Washington, DC.

    The reality is that your policies are not really directed towards over-all patient freedom, choice, professional autonomy and price transparency, other than when it makes you look good. The fact that your emphasis is on gov’t cuts & the politically correct view of transgender issues, instead of finding ways to deliver better care for less money to more people, speaks volumes. So don’t tell pharma to clean up its act until you clean up your own house; and don’t tell us that we must view those with mental illness as a special class of individuals; and last, start emphasizing excellence of character, scholastic achievement and clinical acumen in the “physician workforce” instead of this arbitrarily declared pseudo-virtue you refer to as “diversity”.

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