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TECHNOLOGY | For $49.95 a month, the Mayo Clinic can turn your phone into a personal health concierge.

TRENDING: Circa 2014 — The Mayo Clinic’s New Doctor-In-An-iPhone

Fast Company has previously covered New York-based medical concierge service Sherpaa and Oscar, a new health insurer which tailors its products for web and mobile use. Because apps and subscription services are largely outside of the scope of FDA regulations, they are a potential moneymaker for health-minded businesses and entrepreneurs, as the cost of releasing a health-related personal concierge or smartphone application is far less than a comparable standalone product, which requires far greater fees for the FDA process. The Mayo Clinic is entering a crowded market of smartphone-based concierge medicine firms. Beyond Sherpaa, there’s also Grand Rounds, Stat Doctors, Doctor on Demand, and even a free app for Canadians, Medeo, which offers subsidized concierge medicine services via smartphones for residents of British Columbia.

For $49.95 a month, the Mayo Clinic can turn your phone into a personal health concierge.

04.18.14 – For approximately $50 a month, the Mayo Clinic is offering unlimited access to the famed hospital’s nurses through a smartphone app. The Mayo Clinic partnered with Better, a California-based health technology startup, to launch the new subscription-based app. The app is not covered by insurance but offers real-time, 24/7 health care assistance. Think of it as a mobile WebMD–on steroids.

Along with real-time video chats with Mayo Clinic nurses, the new service also includes personally-tailored health information culled from Mayo Clinic databases, a “symptom checker” that incorporate’s individual user’s health histories, and access to a personal medical concierge who can provide more information or schedule patients’ doctor appointments. The app costs $49.95 a month per household and is compliant with federal health privacy regulations.



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