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Pelzman, MD: Looking Under the Concierge Practice’s Hood

By Fred N. Pelzman, MD

October 12, 2017 – Over the past few weeks, including as recently as last night, several friends and acquaintances have asked me for recommendations for a new primary care physician. This is not that unusual, people are often asking me for referrals to trusted colleagues to take over the care of themselves, a friend, or a loved one. One of my hard and fast rules over the years has been that I avoid like the plague becoming the primary care physician for friends, significant others of friends, work colleagues, or even really close acquaintances. Somehow I find this blurs the lines between friendship and family and the professional relationship that I think is important to maintain between a doctor and their patient. But more about that later in another column. What seemed most unusual about these most recent requests has been the underlying reason for the change. All of these have been because their current PCP’s practice is “going concierge.”



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