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Bank rolls out maternity concierge — The maternity concierge is available from pregnancy up until the baby turns 1. Welch describes the program as “the right thing to do.”

Bank rolls out maternity concierge

Fifth Third Bank service helps new moms with research, purchases, baby shower planning, birth announcements, alternative work arrangements

October 13, 2017 | By Rachel Watson

For first-time moms, often the stress of learning how to care for a child combined with returning to work is so overwhelming they might decide to work part time or stay at home. Fifth Third Bank looked at that turnover risk and saw an opportunity. In January, it launched a maternity concierge service in all 10 states in which it has a presence, including Michigan. Tom Welch, regional president of Fifth Third Bank West Michigan, said 67 percent of the bank’s approximately 1,800 West Michigan employees are female, and at any given time, up to 250 — or around 20 percent — of those women are pregnant or nursing. “It’s extremely important we support women in the workplace,” Welch said. “For over a decade, we’ve had a number of programs that support our female employees (for) advancement and retention, and through that, an immediate need arose from working mothers. We said, ‘Hey, how are we addressing this?’



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