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PARTNERMD | Direct Mail, Print and Postal | The Takeaway– A higher standard of care and service requires a careful plan to educate a skeptical target audience, and get them to convert.

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PartnerMD Promotes Convenient Concierge Service With Direct Mail

By Paul Bobnak

June 13, 2017

A concierge healthcare practice reaches out with direct mail to prospective patients. For 20 years, this alternative to the traditional medical practice has been growing slowly across the country. The concept of personalized medicine goes under various names, such as concierge medicine, retainer practice, and direct care. And although operational details differ, the most common element is the payment of a membership fee by the patient to ensure more access to one’s doctor. As a result, these doctors carry a smaller amount of patients. This direct mail piece was mailed by PartnerMD, a practice with locations in Virginia, Maryland,  Georgia, and the Carolinas. It focuses on how this kind of arrangement benefits the patient, and in turn, their family. The front of the 5-panel 5-1/4”x7-1/4” self-mailer shows a smiling, relaxed mother being kissed by her children. “You’re a MOM. You don’t have time to be sick” it says …



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