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VIRGINIA | S. Landes … “In 2017, I introduced House Bill 2053, allowing the establishment of direct primary care agreements between doctors and their patients, establishing a new innovative healthcare delivery model between patients and doctors. I also serve on the Joint Subcommittee for Health and Human Resources Oversight.”

Candidate Statement: Steve Landes, 25th District Virginia House of Delegates


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By Crozet Gazette – November 4, 2017

During my tenure in the General Assembly, I have gained the reputation of being a thoughtful and principled legislator who is committed to serving his constituents to the best of his ability and always doing so while remaining faithful to the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions, as required by the oath that I have taken to uphold. Many of us have spoken during this campaign and throughout my tenure. Hearing your concerns, ideas and vision for Virginia helps guide me as we face many difficult choices in the General Assembly. Jobs and the economy continue to be a top concern with voters. Keeping Virginia’s economy moving forward remains a top priority. I will continue the fight to keep taxes low and reduce the burdensome government regulations that all too often stifle economic growth, while exploring ways to expand our economy, and remove any barriers that prevent our small businesses from reaching their full potential.



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