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TREND | “Concierge Entertainment” Births From Concierge Medicine: The Start Of A Marketing Trend, Or Just A Continuation? ~FORBES

‘Taylor Swift Tix’: The Start Of A Marketing Trend, Or Just A Continuation?

By Howard Homonoff , Contributor, Forbes

SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 – In our more populist-sensitive time, the word privilege is rarely uttered, but membership, “loyalty” and fan devotion are well established routes to consumer comfort and convenience. There are plenty of examples of shopper loyalty programs. The more money you spend at CVS, the more of a discount you get on your future purchases. For how long have airlines provided benefits for spending more money, whether as a first-class ticket holder, or frequent flyer? The federal government will ensure you get you through the security lines faster if you pay up for TSA Pre. And the medical profession, governed by the Hippocratic Oath, has created “Concierge Medicine,” which guarantees access to what Massachusetts General Hospital calls “an exceptionally high level of service” (isn’t that what we’re all supposed to get?).



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