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HIRING: Innovative Precision Medicine Practice Seeking Full-Time Physician (NY)

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Type of Job: Full Time

Job Location: New York, NY

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Job Requirements:

  • New York Medical License
  • Board Certified/Board Eligible Endocrinologist or Internist

Phone Number: (212) 2888123

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Duties/Responsibilities/Job Description

ComiteMD is a thriving practice specializing in the proactive field of Precision Medicine.

Florence Comite MD, a leading Precisionist for over 20 years, seeks a second, full-time physician in her team approach to intervention that customizes data collection across a spectrum of variables including family history, lifestyle, metabolomics, hormonal and bone studies, VO2, microbiome, genomics, and epigenetics. Twenty-first-century technologies are employed to detect, prevent and reverse disease – especially those diseases that are considered “age inevitable” such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis – years and sometimes decades before symptoms manifest. The goal: optimal health for life, for every person. A health span that lasts a lifetime.


  • Be an integral member in the coordination of care for each patient
  • Manage and coordinate with members of the clinical team, including Physician Associates, clinical interns, and exercise physiologists for patient care, office processes and procedures
  • Aid with developing and enforcing processes, structures, and other aspects of operations
  • Perform physical examinations and obtain, update, and study in-depth patient history, and aid with charting/note-writing in customized Precision Medicine EMR
  • Written correspondence including medical reports, detailed charting, and follow-up communication for patients; review and approve correspondence generated by clinical interns
  • Thoroughly review and discuss lab results with patients
  • Handle daily clinical phone calls and appropriate clinical follow-up
  • Collaborate closely with all members of the administrative team and contribute to the combined team efforts
  • Continual research, follow new developments and studies relevant to the field
  • Be involved in, and understand, the greater function of each aspect of our office, to fully incorporate operational function—both administratively and clinically, and contribute ideas to optimize efficiency


  • Good clinical intuition and willingness to learn
  • Ability to multi-task in a demanding environment and take initiative as needed
  • Ability to be a team leader, and a part of the management team
  • Ability to train other clinical staff
  • High level of organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and relate well with patients

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About The Practice/Company

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Florence Comite, the Comite Center for Precision Medicine is a one-of-a-kind personalized medicine facility with the power to optimize your unique health trajectory. The Manhattan Center’s proprietary Precision Health Analysis employs traditional, alternative, and novel health assessment tools, to detect, predict, and reverse disease and physiological aging at the cellular level — decades before symptoms occur. By integrating and interpreting complex metabolomic, genomic and phenotypic health data sets, the Comite Center’s clinical team is able to provide each client with a personalized, actionable plan for optimal health for life. Technologies and services include advanced metabolism, hormone and lipid panel assessment; whole genome sequencing and advanced genetic testing; microbiome analysis; bone and body composition tests; functional testing; comprehensive ancestry, family and personal history capture; health app data analysis, and more. Advances in telemedicine allow the Comite Center to partner with and provide unparalleled to support to clients worldwide.

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