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At $225/pmpm, U-M dips toes in direct primary care with Victors Care clinic to open

(c) 2017 The Direct Primary Care Journal (The DPC Journal)

By Jay Greene | December 20, 2017

  • University of Michigan will offer a direct primary care clinic program to patients
  • Patients will have direct 24/7 access to care for a $225 per month
  • Direct primary care is expanding in Michgan with more than 100 physicians offering DPC services

The University of Michigan Health System plans to open this spring one of the first hospital-based direct primary care clinics in Ann Arbor featuring three internists and a practice initially of about 300 patients, said Kim Eagle, M.D., a UM cardiologist and the program organizer. Called Michigan Medicine’s Victors Care Program, Eagle said the clinic will initially charge $225 per month for essentially unlimited visits and 24/7 care. The first internist signed up is David Stutz, M.D. The other two internists are being recruited. When fully subscribed, Eagle said the clinic will serve about 1,500 patients, and the price will rise to $300 per month in 2019.

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