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NEBRASKA: Reduce the cost, number of medications … Meet ThinkQuick [Omaha, NE]

Source: Think Whole Person Healthcare

Think Whole Person Healthcare is one of the largest independent primary care centers in the U.S. The clinic employs over 300 people across a wide range of primary care disciplines serving over 40,000 patients. Think is an Accountable Care Organization specifically geared towards serving the needs of patients with chronic conditions who need ongoing care coordination to keep them on goal and out of the hospital. The center is based at 7100 West Center Road, Omaha, and opened on July 6, 2015. Think takes a team approach to managing its patients with Physicians, Care Coordinators, Clinical Pharmacists and RNs all working at the center of the team in a unique, integrated approach to managing patients with multiple chronic conditions. The clinic also has a dispensing pharmacy with a drive-thru and key primary care functions such as Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Psychiatry, Dentistry and Optometry. Labs, X-ray, CT, Mammograms, Ultrasound and Dexa are also all done in-house. On level one, there is a convenience care center (ThinkQuick) for walk-in patients and a retail store and coffee shop. Think physicians and clinicians see over 2,500 patients weekly. Think is totally focused on customer service and committed to its mission of providing better outcomes for patients, giving them an enhanced health experience and lowering the cost of their care through looking at the whole person. ~Source:

By Dr. Marty Mancuso / Think Whole Person Healthcare | Nov 6, 2017

The CEO of Think Whole Person Healthcare, Fergus Hoban, describes Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska’s support as “unstinting.” Unquestionably, the insurer’s assistance to the nine-month-old clinic has been considerable. When technology problems cropped up after the opening, Blue Cross sent its executive vice president of strategy and innovation, Steven Grandfield, to Think around September to help correct them. Then Lew Trowbridge, president and chief operating officer of Blue Cross of Nebraska, encouraged Rick Pane last fall to share his expertise with Think management as a consultant on budgeting and other business practices. Hoban ultimately hired Pane as chief operations officer in December.



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