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Oscar Health is making a big bet on personalized care that people traditionally spend as much as $40,000

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Oscar Health, the health insurance startup, is giving all of its members access to a team of healthcare professionals they can turn to for help navigating their healthcare.

The service is what’s known as concierge care, and it might seem like a foreign concept to most Americans who struggle navigating the often complex and frustrating healthcare market. But such personalized care often comes at a high cost. Some ’boutique’ or high-end concierge services can cost as much as $40,000 a year per family, on top of the insurance premiums that family pays.

Oscar is trying to change that. The $2.7 billion health-insurance startup is making a big push to make concierge care the centerpiece of their members’ healthcare experience, with all its members using it.

Here’s how it works

  • Oscar members are assigned a personalized concierge team of one nurse and three clinicians with specialized knowledge of the patient’s local healthcare networks. The idea is that teams with localized knowledge will be better informed when making recommendations and referrals.
  • Those healthcare professionals can answer any questions you have about your insurance benefits, or about that strange bump on your neck, help the member get a prescription or a referral to a specialist.
  • While Oscar members don’t physically meet with their teams, they can contact them over the phone or through secure messaging on the company’s mobile app.
  • Concierge nurses will also be able to initiate contact with their patients with the help of clinical dashboards, which collect claims records and other data about the patients’ medical history to give nurses more context on a person’s health than what they might otherwise learn from electronic health records.



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