2018 CMT FORUM Presenter Slides


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Below you will find presenter/speaker slides provided by those 2018 CMT Concierge Medicine FORUM Faculty/Speakers.

Additionally, if you would like to reach out directly to one of our Faculty/Speakers/Presenters, please email us directly and we will be happy to provide you with their email address for further connection. You can email CMT directly by editor@conciergemedicinetoday.com and please put in the SUBJECT LINE: CMT FORUM INTRO/CONTACT REQUEST. Additionally, if there is a slide deck you do not see, it is because the organization or presenter would like you to contact them directly for that slide deck.

day 1Thank you for attending the 2018 CMT Concierge Medicine FORUM in Atlanta! We will be uploading videos, photos, audio interviews and more in the coming days/weeks and months ahead!


2019 CMT concierge medicine forum

Oh! We almost forgot … go ahead and SAVE THE DATE for October 2019! We do know for certain that our next 2019 CMT FORUM will be in the beginning or middle of October 2019!  We’re working out the details now and as soon as we know, you will know too! We haven’t released a particular date/time/place yet, but we will have that for you by the end of the first quarter of 2019!

docpreneur podcast_kyra Bobinet MD 2018 concierge medicine forum today2019

2018 CMT FORUM, Click Here To Listen to Our Interview With Dr. Kyra Bobinet, CEO/Founder of engagedIN.

Friday, Oct. 26 Presenters | General Session Slide Decks

Friday, Oct. 26 | Breakout Presenters, Slide Decks

Saturday, Oct. 27 Presenters | General Session Slide Decks

Saturday, Oct. 27 | Breakout Presenters, Slide Decks


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