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International News | SCOTLAND | Dundee doctor takes step into the future with online podiatry offering … “concierge telemedicine”

By Michelle Rodger, Columnist, The National | The Newspaper that Supports an Independent Scotland

AN innovative new “concierge telemedicine” service is being launched by an entrepreneurial doctor in Dundee. Capitalising on the growth industry that is online medical services, Dr Bharti Rajput has created the first ever online podiatry service, aimed at increasing access and offering more time convenient consultations. Dr Rajput, an ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland, launched Sole Body Soul in 2011 when she identified a gap in the market for quality footcare that encompasses the form, function and beauty of the feet. Often footcare is focused only on the treatment of skin and nails, and with her expertise in biomechanics and human movement, investigating the relationship of foot position to body function, Dr Rajput felt that this too was key.



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