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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Entrepreneur Linda Nash has opened WellcomeMD concierge medical practice in Henrico


Derek Carbonneau, CMO of WellcomeMD presented to a large group of Physicians in ATLANTA, GA last October at the CMT/DPC Journal FORUM in ATLANTA. Click here to Learn more about the 2018 FOR DOCTORS FORUM …  Dates Coming Soon!

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DECEMBER 29, 2017 – Linda Nash is back in the concierge medical practice business. This time, the Richmond-area entrepreneur has created WellcomeMD, which she said takes concierge medicine to the next level. She has opened two WellcomeMD practices — one in western Henrico County and the other in suburban Chicago — and has plans for more locations in Virginia, Illinois and Florida. “We call it the next generation of concierge care,” Nash said. “It has all of the wonderful things of PartnerMD, but it goes a little deeper.” Nash founded PartnerMD in Richmond in 2003. PartnerMD is a concierge and executive health medical practice that has 26 doctors in eight locations in five states, including two in the Richmond region. At one time, PartnerMD had 11 locations. She sold the business to Henrico-based specialty insurer Markel Corp., through its Markel Ventures subsidiary, in 2011. She left the company in early 2015. Nash said she got the idea for WellcomeMD after leaving PartnerMD, but she did not want to repeat that company. She wanted her new business model to focus on the root causes of disease instead of the symptoms and wanted a more proactive approach to treatments and research.



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