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MH | Concierge Care taking hold at some large, urban hospitals … “Physicians like the pace …”

“We are not doing this just to make more money—we are doing this to make money to put back into the mission of the hospital and to support programs that otherwise would be difficult to support,” said Dr. Paul Huang, a concierge doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital, which launched its two-doctor concierge practice in August 2016 and now serves 200 patients. The practice has plans to grow to at least six doctors in the next couple of years.

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By Shelby Livingston | October 21, 2017

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While hospital-owned concierge practices don’t necessarily offer the sort of luxury experience that may come with a high-end independent concierge practice, they do offer patients who can afford greater access to care—a commodity that is growing harder to come by as the primary-care physician shortage worsens and insurance deductibles rise. For patients with busy schedules or chronic conditions , an annual retainer ranging from $2,500 to $6,000 at hospital-owned practices may offer the ability to schedule a same-day appointment, or text a doctor day or night if a health issue arises. The annual fee typically is charged on top of any office appointments, which are billed to the patient’s insurance company. For hospitals, offering concierge medical services is a way to attract and keep patients who would otherwise seek those services from the many independent concierge practices popping up across the nation. It also helps bring in extra revenue that the hospital can use to support services that benefit patients with lower incomes, some hospitals with concierge practices say.

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