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K. Restrepo | FORBES | Direct Primary Care: Saving Doctors From Burnout

Katherine Restrepo, Forbes, Contributor

NOV 3, 2017 – There is in fact an answer to the unsolvable health care equation. “If you take out the government, and you take out the insurance, boop! It’s solved,” says Dr. Doug Farrago. Farrago, a “recovering hospital-employed physician”, was one of many speakers to address an audience of 250 doctors at a Direct Primary Care (DPC) conference that was recently held in Orlando, Florida. A traditional physician’s workday is now evenly split between actual patient care and work outside of the exam room, reports a Health Affairs study. This is one of the reasons why nine out of ten physicians do not recommend others pursue medicine. Almost one in two experience exhaustion, cynicism, or hopelessness. Even when medicine is compared to other professions that require extensive education, doctors are at a higher risk of burnout. Specialties like emergency and family medicine are even more likely to suffer. Much of this data is based on the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), a psychological test revered as the gold standard for diagnosing burnout among professionals who are immersed in intense work environments.



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