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Michigan insurance plans are a template for others in the U.S.

“We offer a flat fee, which is easy for the business to budget, and our services are giving individuals and families better access and care while lowering overall health care costs.”

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By Aurore Henze, For Digital First Media | Posted: 01/10/18, 11:28 AM EST

Changes are taking place in the insurance sphere. More Michiganians are choosing direct primary-care medicine, auditing companies are fighting insurance corruption and some mammoth corporations are putting employees first by reimbursing left over insurance expenses. Michigan is at the forefront of some of these progressive concepts that prove corporate America can work optimally if given the correct tools and management. Kyle Bingham of Premier Private Physicians and SALTA Direct Primary Care, gave me some insight as to why and how the concierge medicine or direct primary care business model for insurance is picking up speed.


MICHIGAN: United Shore Financial contracts with direct primary care provider



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