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AMA: In a complex environment, physicians have at least 8 paths to choose from …

By Andis Robeznieks | Senior Staff Writer | AMA BLOG
JANUARY 18, 2018 – Physicians are caught between pressures on practice revenue and rising costs. Regulatory restrictions have in some cases also limited options for revenue diversification such as joint ownership of imaging centers and ambulatory surgery centers. Add to this mix the ever-increasing burden of government- and insurance-related administrative tasks, and it doesn’t take 20–20 vision to see that the idea of operating a Marcus Welby-type practice is nothing but a “mythical vestige of the past,” according to David W. Hilgers, an Austin, Texas-based attorney with 40 years’ experience negotiating provider contracts and advising clients on state and federal regulation of fee-sharing, self-referral, antitrust, licensing and privacy issues.

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