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For the One Percent, the Latest in Comfort Are Private Medical Concierges | W Mag.

By Sandra Ballentine | November 24, 2017 7:00 am

What do you do if you’re diving in the remote Marquesas Islands, in French Polynesia, and are bitten by an impertinent moray eel? If you’re a member of a certain famous—and phenomenally wealthy—family, you connect via secure video link with your on-call medical concierge, who walks you through how to clean the wound and dress it to promote proper drainage (eww!), and locate the correct antibiotic in your handy personal prescription medical kit (designed for convenient jet or yacht stowage). Require evacuation? A detailed plan is already in place. At WorldClinic, a 19-year-old global concierge telemedicine practice founded by Daniel Carlin, M.D., a former U.S. Navy chief medical officer, dealing with needy plutocrats, tech titans, and household-name celebs is par for the course. (For bigwigs attending events like Davos, Carlin even sends ahead Special Operations Forces–trained medics and a “clinical surveyor” to map out nearby resources and assemble a tactical response team in case of a crisis.)



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