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CMT SPOTLIGHT: Meet Team Doctors Preferred Access – THE exclusive network of Physicians who manage the care of United States Professional Athletes of the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, in addition to the athletes competing in the Olympics, World Cup Soccer and the Super Bowl.

Team Doctors Preferred Access is THE exclusive network of Physicians who manage the care of United States Professional Athletes of the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, in addition to the athletes competing in the Olympics, World Cup Soccer and the Super Bowl. This network of distinguished physicians also provides access and medical care to entertainers, celebrities and high profile corporate executives. Now you have the opportunity to access these physicians and their specialists’ networks on a preferred basis as well.

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With the uncertainties accompanying the disruption of the medical care system, you can be assured that no matter what insurance plan your company provides or the government mandates, your employees will still have access to our premier network of physicians no matter where they are as a member of Team Doctors Preferred Access. Research has been done by one of the world’s most respected business authorities, Wharton’s Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. The Wharton Executive multiplier formula for the actual loss to the corporation defines the multiple that varies between 1.1x – 1.6x the salary of that employee, this is the actual loss to the company when the employee is absent with a health related issue, has a delay in correcting the health issue, or returns to work (“presenteeism”) in a medically compromised state and not able to function at full capability. Another integral factor is the 5 year study that was done by General Electric, which resulted in a financial incentive plan for employees who are cared for by the highest level physicians in the highest level institutions, who realize the value of the best medical care. Another insightful table categorizes the hard numbers for each level of employee and the actual pay scale for what they are paid per hour, day, etc. This table highlights the loss of having executives not functioning at full capacity for the weeks that it sometimes takes to see the best specialist. With The Team Doctors, those weeks can be expedited to a matter of days via the personalized contact method we’ve utilized with each other for over 30 years. For example, an executive making $1M/year costs $480.77 for each hour he sits in a waiting room. His cost per day for not working at full capacity is $3,846.15, and the multiplier identifying his loss to the company is 1.1-1.6 times salary, is even more dramatic in the Wharton formula. LEARN More About Team Doctors Here …

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The Team Doctor network began as an informal group of team physicians and specialists affiliated with professional sports teams that provided personalized expedited access to this distinguished network of physicians. For over twenty years this nationwide network of physicians has quietly and efficiently taken care of some of the biggest names in the sports and entertainment industries.

In 2005 a handful of these team physicians and specialists met with the idea of formalizing this network into a corporate membership which would offer this same exclusive access.

By 2006 Team Doctors Preferred Access, LLC was founded after contracting 28 core team physicians associated with the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Olympics, Super Bowl, and specialists in major cities and regions across the country. Now, corporations can utilize this exclusive membership for their medical access needs. Our network has even extended to include a similar global network of distinguished physicians.

A Team Doctor is specifically chosen by the ownership and staff of a professional sports franchise to diagnose and care for their multi-million dollar athletes. These physicians were chosen because of their demonstrated expertise, respect from their fellow colleagues, and reputations as premier physicians within their communities.

All Team Doctors share one unifying mark of distinction: they are or were the team physicians of professional sports teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL or have distinguished themselves as recognized world authorities in their respective field.

TDPA is NOT an emergency service, but rather an extension of your own healthcare network that extends to the entire world when traveling.


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