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Meet Dr. Victoria Sweet. One doctor’s prescription for the health care system: ‘Slow Medicine’

Slow-Medicine-coverThe Guggenheim Fellow‘s latest book, “Slow Medicine,” illustrates how the system can be improved with a more thoughtful approach to treatment — one of attention, kindness and “above all, responsibility.”

By Jack Pointer January 4, 2018 11:39 pm

the_doctors_guide_t_cover_for_kindlejpgWider availability of a “slower” approach helps with a systemic shift as well, she said. Around D.C., patients can find it at various concierge medical practices, which charge a monthly fee in return for a doctor whose patient number is limited. “Many doctors have figured out a way they can practice this kind of medicine,” said Sweet, who sees potential in “slow medicine” becoming its own specialty, with practitioners who can spend extra time on their more complicated patients.




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