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HIRING: Griffin Concierge Medical Seeking FT Physician, Tampa, FL

Griffin Concierge Medical in Tampa, Florida 33606
Telephone: (813) 350-9090 | | We’re a membership-based, primary-care practice that is committed to offering high-quality, sensible medical care and exceptional customer service. CLICK HERE TO Learn More About Dr. Radley Griffin and his Team …

Type of Job

  • Full Time
Radley Griffin, M.D. BOARD-CERTIFIED FAMILY PHYSICIAN FOUNDER, GRIFFIN CONCIERGE MEDICAL “I’ve adopted the mentality that my practice doesn’t end when I turn off the lights. I have committed to taking care of a flock of people. This work is definitely a lifestyle. There is no shift work here.” —

Job Location

  • Tampa, FL

About the Company/Practice

Griffin Concierge Medical (GCM), a family-medicine practice in Tampa, Florida, is seeking a full time medical doctor to start this year. Founded in 2008 by Radley Griffin, M.D., our practice takes a unique approach to primary
care, focusing heavily on prevention. Our business model allows physicians to spend more time with patients, and it lends itself to developing meaningful and long-term relationships.

Job Requirements & Position Qualifications:

  • Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy degree
  • Board certification in Family Medicine or Internal Medicine
  • Desire to be a part of a fast-growing, high-tech practice

Name of Primary Contact Person

Phone Number

  • Tel. (813) 350-9090

Duties/Responsibilities/Job Description Responsibilities:

  • See patients face-to-face and via telemedicine
  • Provide personalized patient care
  • Maintain privileges at area hospitals to admit and/or closely follow patients.
  • Take call (we have a manageable rotation)
  • Follow our company’s processes
  • Complete charts in a timely and accurate manner

If Other, Please Describe.

Features of GCM:

  • Our mission is to improve quality of life while building life-long relationships. That’s why our patient-retention rate is above 97%.
  • Our patients value a personal, collaborative and long-term relationship with their doctors. They are prevention and wellness focused.
  • With our robust health team and advanced communication and technology systems, we help our patients simplify and manage all aspects of their healthcare.
  • We have an efficient operating system that allows every team member’s voice to be heard and fosters constant growth and improvement.

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