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Warren Buffett Is the Secret Voice Behind DNA Tester 23andMe’s New Ad

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By Sissi Cao • 01/31/18 2:18pm

Silicon Valley-based DNA testing company 23andMe released a new TV commercial this month that didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. The 60-second video tells the story of a small-town boy growing up, and, in one scene, the boy mails out a gene-testing kit produced by 23andMe. The commercial doesn’t feature any famous faces, nor does it have any film credits at the end. But a Nebraska newspaper quickly noticed something unusual—the narrator’s voice behind the scenes is Warren Buffett. “There’s no name shown, but the voice is unmistakable,” read a recent article in the Omaha World-Herald. The commercial is the first video of 23andMe’s “Wisdom” ad series debuting this year. The company told Observer that the collaboration with Buffett was inspired by a speech he gave last year to students at Omaha Central High School, in which he likened health to owning a car that a person has to drive for a lifetime.



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