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NY TIMES | “A Doctor’s Guide to a Good Appointment …”

NEW YORK, NY — TIMES SQUARE in NY Debuts Book, “Doctor’s Guide To Concierge Medicine and DPC: Similar, But Different … Essential Startup Knowledge for Doctors Considering A Career Transition Into The Various Types of Free Market Healthcare Delivery Models” — Learn More …

A Doctor’s Guide to a Good Appointment

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Some patients prefer the intimacy of a small practice. The advantages include getting to know all the staff and usually less bureaucracy. Other patients prefer large-practices that offer the convenience of many specialties under one roof. Ultimately, who your individual doctor is matters more than the practice he or she is working for. But different practices have different vibes, though you may not be able to sense this until you are actually a patient. For patients willing to pay an extra fee in exchange for more than average time and more personalized care from their doctors, options such as Direct Primary Care or concierge medicine practices may be attractive.

By Danielle Ofri, M.D. |

Going to the doctor isn’t most people’s favorite activity. But it is part of staying healthy (the other major parts are what you eat and how much you exercise). So you may as well get the most out of it. As a doctor I often get asked by friends and family how to make the most of a medical visit. Here’s my advice, and it’s basically the same whether you are the patient, or a family member or a caregiver of the patient.



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