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WIRED: The Secret to a High Tech Concierge Medical Office? Data

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Data Deluge, WIRED

  • As companies like Verily launch massive health care research studies like Project: Baseline, be mindful of what that data will be used for, and who it will benefit.
  • There are security and privacy issues around every corner, which is why some companies are already promising solutions with buzzwordy technologies like the blockchain.
  • As more companies and health care providers collect your data, make sure you’re getting the benefits, too.

By Adam Rogers | Science | WIRED | MARCH 2, 2018

By design, the downtown San Francisco storefront offices of Forward feel more like a spa or a ritzy skin care boutique than a doctors’ office. But the latter thing is true. Despite the sun shining through floor-to-ceiling windows onto pastel walls, blond-wood surfaces and no check-in desk in sight (attractive, casually dressed receptionists with iPads offer you a water), Forward is a concierge medical service. Insurance doesn’t get you so much as a tongue depressor down the throat at Forward. But pay $149 a month, and in return you get 24/7 access to staff via SMS and a phone app, more time with a physician, and an office tricked out with more gadgets than a starship’s sick bay. On intake, you stand in front of a sensor and put your hand into an orifice; a screen reads out your height, weight, temperature, and blood oxygenation. In the exam room, you sit in a custom-designed Comfy Chair while a doctor holds a wireless sensor against your chest and your heartbeat unspools on a giant flatscreen. Digital images from your past visits flicker across a timeline made of your health records. The key words of your conversation scroll past a cartoon of your body, picked up by discrete microphones in the ceiling (transcribed by a little natural language processing and a little bit of person-sitting-in-an-adjacent-room-listening).



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