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Dr. David Soria: Married to Success & Celebrates 25 Years in Emergency Medicine

“Now, with better technology…there is more awareness, and products are becoming more tasty, more healthy. People are becoming more gut-healthy,” Dr David Soria MD

Back in 1993, Dr. Soria began his emergency medicine residency program at the prestigious Case Western Reserve University at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in MetroHealth Medical Center. Today, he is considered one of the most celebrated and visible doctors in the country, contributing his advice to viewers on national television and radio.

Dr. David Soria comes with more than two decades of experience in his respective fields. He is the Medical Specialist for NBC and Fox Affiliates, and folks across the country can now benefit from his reliable knowledge on many medical aspects.

Past and Current Credentials –
His long list of credentials is impressive: among them include Chief Medical Officer, Chairman and Field Reporter. He served as the Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine for St. Mary’s Medical Center and Good Samaritan Medical Center. Currently, he sits as Chairman of the Medical Board of Governors for the Central Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce.

After graduating from the Ohio State University College of Medicine, he furthered his studies and completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic/Case Western Reserve University/MetroHealth Medical Center. Dr. Soria was later recruited as an Associate Regional Medical Director for EmCare, Inc. Not long after this posting, he was promoted to Regional Medical Director for the Southeast U.S., where he would oversee medical affairs for EmCare contracts.

As a key figure in the field of medicine, Dr. David Soria has helped the medical world advance through many avenues. He has invested much time in top-level executive decisions that helped increase workplace efficiency and ensure patient satisfaction. His other projects include overseeing medical budgets and allocation, and helping staff handle their financial duties better.

Other impressive credentials include CMO of ScriptRX and MedXHealthcare, plus Chief Medical Advisor for the Medical Advisory Board of Quantum Wave International and Edev Development, LLC.

Dr. David Soria on National Television for Health Advice –
Dr. Soria’s ability to communicate across multiple channels, plus his knowledge of and experience in many medical fields, has led him to work in journalism. He now reaches more than one million viewers and listeners with his weekly news channel, entitled “Ask Dr. Soria.” In this news segment, Dr. Soria is able to address a number of common health questions. Listeners can call in and get on-the-spot advice from a renowned health specialist.

Helping with sports teams is another area of medical expertise, with NBA players benefiting from his health coaching. In this field, he serves as Assistant Director of Medical Affairs. He travels with the players and staff as they compete in Europe and Asia, and he gives them concierge medical care in all of their events and international venues.

Dr. Soria has also shared words of advice on future wellness trends. He recently talked about how the brain runs the show, and he educated viewers on the various brain-boosters now available as brain supplements. However, he did warn viewers about potential side effects, and what people should watch out for.

“Now, with better technology…there is more awareness, and products are becoming more tasty, more healthy. People are becoming more gut-healthy,” he notes in this interview clip on gut health and nutrition trends for 2018. Here, he discusses health trends, what to watch out for and what to expect on the market as technology tries to keep up with the fast pace of everyday life.

Everything from Crohn’s disease to better gut health to how to avoid hand, foot and mouth disease features in Dr. Soria’s health advice. He is skilled at breaking down complicated medical terminology into easy-to-understand, bite-sized pieces of information that all viewers can access and remember.

His personal interest in providing high-quality care for patients has seen him work with many companies in order to accomplish this goal. For example, he has completed work with Specialists on Call, an online medical service that uses technology to allow patients to phone in 24/7 and get medical advice.

“We want to do it in an easy, convenient and easy-to-access fashion,” he said in this interview, referring to his mission to provide quality care to patients. “Specialists on Call has allowed us to do that. Our patients enjoy the fact that a neurologist is speaking to them immediately rather than having to wait.”
Leading the Medical World

Dr. David Soria remains one of the most highly devoted doctors in the nation, and athletes, celebrities and other professionals trust him to help them live their best lives. In addition to his work as the Assistant Medical Director for the National Basketball Association, Dr. Soria was named the official fight physician for the Ultimate Fighting Championship league for bouts, in 2012 and 2013 in Las Vegas.

He continues to be at the forefront of leaders in the field of emergency medicine, striving to learn about the latest medical advances, to find treatments and to convey this information to the public. Dr. Soria is committed to helping people become more aware, better educated and able to access the necessary treatment for their conditions.

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