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The only medical concierge practice in Miami Beach … Changes to PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine … provides its own physicians 24/7 at Mount Sinai Medical Center

Primary Care Physicians Group changes to PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine in April, the only medical concierge practice in Miami Beach to provide its own physicians 24/7 at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Shown L to R: PrivaMedis internal medicine practitioners Gary Merlino, D.O, Stephanie Perez, D.O., and Alejandro Del Valle, D.O. (PRNewsfoto/Specialdocs Consultants)

Primary Care Physicians Group in Miami Beach Changes to PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine

The only medical concierge practice in Miami Beach to provide its own physicians 24/7 at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla., March 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The well-respected team of internal medicine practitioners at Primary Care Physicians Group  – Alejandro Del Valle, D.O., Gary Merlino, D.O. and Stephanie C. Perez, D.O. – will change the practice to PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine in April 2018, announces Specialdocs Consultants.  Building on their long-standing reputation for providing high quality primary care to the Miami Beach community since 1997, the physicians will offer an even more individualized approach and an enhanced focus on wellness at their new practice.  Additionally, PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine differs from most local concierge medical practices by employing its own team of physicians available 24 hours a day at Mount Sinai Medical Center, benefiting patients with personalized admission and hospital care.

“Concierge medicine provides the best solution to navigating today’s complex healthcare landscape,” says Dr. Merlino. “We’ll be able to serve as our patients’ advocates, whenever and wherever needed…at the office, at Mt. Sinai, at their home when necessary, or via cell phones.”

PrivaMedis reflects the hallmarks of concierge, or membership, medicine, beginning with a smaller patient panel that enables physicians to offer longer appointments and direct availability via cell phone and email after hours and on weekends. The change is a natural evolution for the PrivaMedis group, who started offering this type of personalized care to a small group of patients in 2015.

“We realized early on that this change allowed us to deliver care in a way that’s simply not possible in a traditional practice,” reveals Dr. Del Valle. “The time to really listen and know every patient as an individual helps us understand not just their symptoms, but what keeps them up at night, and what gives them joy.”

Research shows the power of a fully developed physician-patient relationship in a concierge practice, resulting in significantly decreased emergency room visits and inpatient admissions, improved health and lower healthcare expenditures.

“Wellness takes time,” says Dr. Perez, “as does developing a connection with a patient so special they feel like a part of your family.”

Returning the vital physician-patient relationship to the forefront of medical care underlies the growing embrace of concierge medicine in South Florida, and across the country, according to Specialdocs Consultants, a national concierge consulting company assisting PrivaMedis. “The difference time and availability makes in enhancing both the physician and patient experience is remarkable,” says Terrence Bauer, CEO, Specialdocs. “Among the many reasons to consider a concierge practice, spending more time with patients is by far the most desired by our physicians.”

“Treating the whole patient and making a difference in the way they live their lives is the reason we became physicians,” says Dr. Merlino. “We are thrilled, and grateful, for the opportunity to care for patients this way at PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine.”

Learn more: PrivaMedis Concierge Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center, 4308 Alton Road, Suite 860, Miami Beach; 786-282-5955;

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