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Hahn, MD: A health care solution to rival single payer

By Matthew Hahn, MD | KEVINMD  |  Policy | October 3, 2017

By Matthew Hahn, a family physician who blogs at his self-titled site, Matthew Hahn, MD.  He is the author of Distracted: How Regulations Are Destroying the Practice of Medicine and Preventing True Health-Care Reform.

The current conversation regarding health care reform in the U.S. is essentially pointless. It can be boiled down into four statements: Obamacare stinks, so we need to get rid of it; Obamacare doesn’t stink, so we just need to improve upon it; the insurance companies are to blame, so a government single-payer system is the best idea; the government is to blame, and only the free market can fix health care. Beyond staking out one of those positions, we don’t get a whole lot of substance. It’s going to take a great deal more than that if we want to fix what is wrong with American health care. The American health care system is defined by three main problems. Too many people lack access to care. Health care costs too much, both for individuals, and for the nation as a whole. And American health care is low-quality care. It should be added that American health care is a bureaucratic and administrative nightmare for both patients and providers alike. Any serious proposal must address all of these issues.



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