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TELEHEALTH | iMedicare Rebrands to Amplicare, a Decision-Automation Platform that Enables Healthcare Providers to Better Serve Patients

NEW YORK, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — iMedicare, the nation’s leading Medicare plan comparison software company, announced they have rebranded to Amplicare while launching their multifaceted platform with new tools for pharmacies. The broadened decision-automation platform now includes tools that extend beyond Medicare. The Amplicare platform uses patient data and intelligently identifies opportunities for healthcare providers to proactively improve patient care.

The new tools under the Amplicare umbrella offer a greater range of workflow automation for pharmacists to improve productivity and patient care — they are now able to amplify their care more easily.

The Amplicare platform includes:

• Amplicare Connect improves patient satisfaction by helping them with adherence and staying on top of their refills with automated phone calls in the voice of their pharmacist.
• Amplicare Restore recognizes patients who could benefit from taking over-the-counter supplements based on their active prescriptions that deplete key nutrients.
• Amplicare Impact helps pharmacies identify opportunities to interact with patients who are impacting their Star Rating performance measures.
• iMedicare enables pharmacies to compare Medicare plans in seconds, improves patient retention, drives new business, and improves patient care.
• Amplicare Assist integrates with pharmacy systems and automatically highlights opportunities generated from any of the other Amplicare tools, tying everything together right in their daily workflow without the need to visit another dashboard to retrieve opportunities.

Amplicare Connect and Amplicare Assist are the newest additions to the suite of tools that help pharmacies provide better patient service and improve their bottom-line.

“At Amplicare, we work at the intersection of technology and healthcare,” said Flaviu Simihaian, CEO of Amplicare. “We are excited about our new brand and continue to use our energy and knowledge to keep breaking down the complex barriers in healthcare. We strive to make healthcare more open, transparent, and accessible to all.”

“There is no change in ownership with the rebranding,” said Matt Johnson, PharmD, COO of Amplicare. “The same healthcare expert team that is committed to the values of integrity, transparency, and innovation for the empowerment of humanity continue to focus on harnessing structured and unstructured data, presented in user-friendly software interface that enable healthcare providers do what they do best: provide impactful clinical advice and care for their patients.”

Free webinars help pharmacies learn more about the Amplicare platform. Interested pharmacies can register for a webinar at

About Amplicare

Amplicare is the leading decision-automation platform that intelligently identifies relevant opportunities for healthcare providers to proactively improve patient care. The benefits of the platform are to help providers more efficiently impact their patient community in more ways, while providing better healthcare options for their patients. With over 5,000 pharmacy subscribers, Amplicare delivers an unrivaled platform that increases patient retention, improves performance measures, diversifies revenue streams, and enables providers to communicate with their patients more easily than ever before. For more information, visit

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